Wednesday, December 14

Christmas thoughts

I informed Grandma how the munchkins had no concept of how close Christmas was. She graciously found this calendar for them. We hung it up and the munchkins have ritually moved the marker each day.

The anticipation is building. I love it when the munchkins tell me they want such and such for Christmas. I get to shrug and say with an all-knowing air, "You'll have to wait until Christmas and see." Then they look at the little calendar and count the days. I remember doing the same when I was little.

When I was young, Mom had this counted cross stitch Christmas tree with bells sewed to it, and little ornaments to hang on the bells for each day. They were so tiny that the least breeze knocked the ornaments off, so there was always a sprinkling of tiny candy canes and gingerbread men on the floor beneath it.

Ahh, good memories.


Farm Girl said...

I am so glad they like it. It does look neat too.
I still have the Christmas tree but I lost the thing with all of the wooden ornaments in it.
Those were a pain, I am glad that this one isn't.

Carolyn Phillips said...

Love the anticipation of advent

Pom Pom said...

How nice of Grandma Kim! I sort of remember having an Advent calendar with little doors to open every day. I opened all the doors much too early! I couldn't resist! Isn't it interesting how kids wish the days away as they anticipate opening the gifts and then adults want to put on the brakes and savor the season?

Tazia Hall said...

Kid's certainly add to the excitement at Christmas. I find it hard to get into the groove since it's just me and my mom in the house. I haven't even put a tree up yet.

BTW., yes, I have a new blog now, NR. Thanks for following!


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