Sunday, December 18

Kindle books

I swore that I'd never get into reading Kindle books. Paper and ink all the way for me, baby!

My opinion of the Kindle was not improved upon acquaintance. It was clunky and hard to use. And ugly.

Then my hubby bequeathed his old ipod to me, and it had a Kindle app. I bought an ebook or two for it, and reading stuff on the ipod wasn't too bad.

Then I discovered the Kindle store on Amazon. Or, more specifically, the free books section.

Every old book that I've adored in my life is free on the Kindle. I found House of a Thousand Candles, and everything George MacDonald ever wrote, and GK Chesterton, and Dickens, and a jillion more. I keep thinking of new authors to look up.

The Kindle isn't half bad when you can get truckloads of free books. GOOD books, too.


Farm Girl said...

Oh I am so glad you found House of a Thousand Candles!! I am glad you have your app to read anything you can think of now. It is so much lighter too.

Kim said...

I love my kindle. And the freebies are a bonus. I'll have to check out that book.

Anne said...

I still love a "real" book, but have warmed to the convenience of having a Kindle for trips and things. A lot of the books we use in our homeschooling are out of print and so I download them on the kindles for the kids. It's so handy.

Will and Tracy said...

There is also a kindle lending library. I am reading and responding to you on my kindle fire. I really do love the low cost books.


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