Wednesday, February 8

Park day

Alas, I have no pictures because my camera is dead.

But my hubby left for school today. He was gone five minutes and I asked the munchkins, "Want to go to the park?"

I had planned on doing some school with them, drilling letters and counting pencils and drawing pictures. But ... dang it ... it's a nice day and I haven't been outside in three days. PARK DAY!!

So we hoofed it over to the park and let them run wild. Other kids came and went, so they had other people to play with. Claire wasn't happy about not being allowed to eat sand, so she sat in the stroller, or rode in swings, or sat on a blanket with mom. She's to that stage where she can crawl well, but she hates the feel of grass. So she just tentatively pats it and looks at her hand as if expecting spikes to be stuck in it.

I packed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and brownies, so they had a refuel snack at 10:30.

Hubby came and picked us up after he got off school at noon. By then we were all exhausted and hungry, especially mama.

I covertly tried to cross the monkey bars. I couldn't move my arm to the next bar. I'm absolutely pathetic. I need to run around the playground, myself, just to build some muscle. Is playground activity considered aerobic exercise?

1 comment:

Farm Girl said...

You are so funny, isn't it terrible how how of shape you get and so fast.
I remember trying to do the monkey bars at the park and the same thing happened, I wonder if I could do them now?
I love the pictures you do have.


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