Monday, February 6

Salad confessions

I have a confession to make.

I have no idea how to make a salad from scratch.

My idea of a salad from scratch is one of those premade bagged deals with the dressing and tortilla strips.

So, assuming I wanted to have some lettuce on hand for salad making, what should I get? One head of iceburg? Romaine? (Can you eat all of the Romaine or only the hearts?)

I'm a salad noob. I have no idea how you do it. And I'm craving greens something fierce.

Also, can you make bean sprouts from any old beans, or does it have to be soybeans?


Meg said...

I get heads of Romaine lettuce and just wash and chop it. In fact if you chop it and store it in a plastic bag with a paper towel it will last a week or so and be ready to go. Don't get Iceburg, it's worthless nutritionally (seriously it's like 95 percent water). Buying heads of Romaine lettuce is cheaper than buying a package of hearts, plus you get more greenage. If the spinach isn't too expensive throwing that in will be good too for the added nutrition. Or any other green thing you find in the store that looks and smells good.

You can sprout pretty much anything you want to. Some stuff might take longer than others, but anything that will sprout in the ground will sprout in a jar. And it's all the same process for the most part (soak, rinse, soak, rinse, etc.)

I have a recipe for buttermilk ranch that we really like, and I've started making Coleslaw lately too from scratch (dressing and all). I can email them to you if you want them. :)

Will and Tracy said...

Oh Kessie I literally live on salad. I am not sure if you would enjoy what I do but here goes. I LOVE good seasons Italian salad dressing. Its a packet and I use red wine vinegar or rice vinegar when I mix it up. I don't buy the expensive cruet they sell to mix it. I mix by package.directions kn a canning jar. It really is yummy and is also what Aunt Jennifer uses. I agree with Meg never iceburg. Before I met Will in person, I told Jim I never use iceburg and he said they throw iceburg to the cows. I am frequently anemic too and so I make salads with romaine spinach red leaf beet greens curly leaf. Like Meg said whatever smells yummy as you pick it up. I never cut my leaves though, I tear them into bite sized pieces. Then I put chopped kitchen sink in. I mean onions, brocolli, bell pepper,mushrooms, beets, kidney beans, in whatever combination according to what you like. The crunch is so satisfying. If I am particularly extravagant I will add feta or goat cheese and avocado and then a warm chicken breast. We often eat this salad as our whole supper. It is Faultiness favorite and is called my "alicious chicken salad" put allingredients in a big bowl add the Italian dressing and toss and eat immediately. I crave it all the time.

Farm Girl said...

Well you have good advice in the above comments. I think they will do the trick. Romaine at the store is pretty cheap.
Poor baby, Didn't you ever watch me, I have only used the bagged stuff in the last few years.

Jennifer said...

You are funny :) I like to chop up romaine hearts because they last longer than the bagged stuff. Or any romaine. Good luck!


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