Tuesday, February 21

Still no rain

We keep having storms that sweep over California. Each time the weathermen sigh and pronounce them "moisture starved".

See this cloud?

This was after a big ol' storm in which we got sprinkles. Not enough to even get the sidewalk wet. I think the Texas drought has moved to Cali.

The sun was bright.

And the smallest munchkin desperately wants to be outside. She escapes whenever I open the door. Fortunately, crawling babies don't move as fast as say, a running cat or dog, and I can catch her before she goes too far.

Also the older ones stand and yell, "Baby's escaping!"

I say come on March, and let's have some Spring. Maybe we'll even get some rain out of the deal.


Meg said...

LOL! That reminds me of a Mad TV skit where a door monitor thing would yell "DOG IS OUT" in an Aussie accent every time the dog went through the door.

Farm Girl said...

Yeah, yesterday I got sick of the sun. To much too soon.


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