Wednesday, February 1


The definition of courage is not the absence of fear, but of doing what you have to do in spite of the fear.

Yesterday my husband bit the bullet and did something that took a lot of courage. He came home devastated, but I'm so proud of him.

I baked a turkey yesterday because I wanted something different for lunch. Turkey sandwiches, yummy.

My turkey did not look like this. It burned on top, so it looked, well, Cajun. But fortunately that was only the skin, and the meat underneath was still delicious.

I also made gravy from the drippings. It was fantastic. I made biscuits this morning so we could have that gravy again for breakfast.

I'm afraid I have this tendency to love people with food. But my poor brave husband deserved the best spread I could put on.


Farm Girl said...

Yes he did!!! He was very brave and I was so proud of him. Now I have cried now for two days, but he did a very hard thing.
I am glad you have that whole turkey to eat and I bet breakfast was wonderful.
Did you read Streams for today? It is wonderful. Not comfortable but it is so true and a great reminder.
Have a nice day,
Nothing is impossible with God. :)

Meg said...

I don't know what he did, but hoorah! Everyone else is excited, so I will be excited too! Mmm, that turkey looks good. I have one scheduled in two weeks so we have leftovers when baby comes. :D

Kim said...

Turkey is one of my favorites. Sometimes if I think the top is starting to burn, I lay a piece of tin foil over the top until its done.


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