Friday, February 26

Fun at Grandma's

We unearthed our extra baby walker on our spring cleaning day, and took it to Grandma's on Wednesday.

It made Holly happy.

Big smile

So happy she just couldn't contain it!

Can't contain the happy

Alex found a popped balloon and asked me to fix it.

Fix it!

But alas, I had to explain that even mama can't fix broken balloons.

Here are the boys later, all equipped with vehicles. And a dog. Who is babysitting.

The gang

They should have named her Nana.


Meg said...

That's such a cute picture of Holly! I love how excited babies get.

Farm Girl said...

That is a really nice post. I love all of the pictures and they turned out so nice.

Anonymous said...

The color in these photos is pleasantly and surprisingly vibrant! Do I detect Photoshoppery?


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