Wednesday, February 10

Fun with water ... in February

So it rained all day today, and our front sidewalk looked like this.

I let A. out on our little front step with a spoon and a bowl, and left him happily sailing the bowl around and filling it with water. I went inside, did some stuff, and checked on him five minutes later. This is what I found:

I rolled my eyes and watched him shuffle around in the water. He came up to me to show me how wet his pants were, turned around, tripped, and face-planted into the water.

He was very, very wet. I took him in and gave him a bath.

1 comment:

Farm Girl said...

Poor baby, all wet too. I bet he loved his bath.Gosh can you believe your sidewalk? That is unreal. Swim on the sidewalk instead of walking.
See you later.


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