Monday, February 15


Today we walked out to a local fast food place and had lunch. It's a gorgeous day, after all. I wore one of my new short-sleeved shirts I got for Christmas, seeing as it's the first time it's been over 60 degrees.

We walked in at the same time as a large Muslim family. I wouldn't have known they were Muslim, except that the mom was in a long black dress with a white head covering, and all the girls but one had head coverings. And otherwise normal clothes. Obviously they've been in the states a while. I'm so racist.

Anyway, I watched them the whole time we were eating. There were five kids, all the same ages as my siblings, and they kind of acted like zombies.

Then after lunch, I needed to use the restroom. Of course this fast food place has the kind of restroom where there's only one toilet, and the door was locked. As I was waiting outside, the Muslim mother walked in and knocked, because one of her girls was inside. I smiled and said that she had a nice family. She told me (in that funny Middle Eastern accent) that they lived in Orange County, they had been to a convention in Sacramento, and had been driving since 6 AM.

Which explains the zombieness of the kids.

Anyway, all I could think of was, "Gosh, I must look like a complete and total infidel." I mean, look at me.

Add it all up and what do you get? Infidel!

I'm so bigoted. :-)


Meg said...

Dude. How come I never see you in clothes like that? Cute outfit! And of course, adorable baby.

NetRaptor said...

Because you only see me on laundry days, when all my cute clothes are dirty and I'm wearing whatever was in the bottom of my drawer.

Meg said...

Ha, duh! That makes sense.

Farm Girl said...

Hey I was thinking about your infidel post and she was in a fast food restaurant right? She may have even been a Christian. If you read Paul, really, we should all keep our heads covered. :) Just a thought.
You did look very cute with that cute baby. :)

Jennifer said...

And probably eating beef (ish) too! Oh, the humanity!


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