Saturday, February 27

Lovely El Nino

El Nino is bringing us lots of nice rain this year. I've kept an wary eye on the grass, though. As soon as the grass goes to seed and dies, summer hits. So far the grass is blooming fit to beat the band, so it looks like spring weather will persist into March, at least, before it hits 100.

Here's Alex, playing with the broom and riding on his airplane.

Wheee broom!

That's his soda over there on the blue chair. It explains his energy level.

And here's one of my mom's cats.

Heart-shaped cat

She was such a pretty picture, all framed by the Chinese maple on the porch railing.

Anyway, our sidewalk is all flooded again, but I've already posted pictures of how that looks.


Farm Girl said...

That is such a good picture of Socksy, Also your yard looks pretty, Did it get as flooded as it did last time?

NetRaptor said...

Yep, it sure did. I just didn't take any pictures of it, because it looks exactly like it did the last time it flooded. :-p


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