Monday, February 22

Spring cleaning

This is the reason I had no energy all weekend.

Evil computers

See these computers? The one on the bottom was the major high-speed box of awesomeness that my brother gave me. Well, that's the one that exploded. It has its back to us in shame. We tested its parts individually in the computer directly in front of it (with the white disk drives), and we think it's the hard drive that crapped out. Which is a shame, seeing as it's 80 gigs. We thinking of reformatting it and reinstalling Windows.

Anyway, the computer with the black drives is my old computer. It works all right, but it doesn't play games.

With a toddler who is addicted to Roller coaster Tycoon, this is not an option.

So I'm on the compy with the white disk drives, my husband's old Frankenstein. It works all right, so at least I have a semi-fast game computer.

All this computer shuffling initiated spring cleaning.

The Mess

This was our living room. Now picture the two munchkins frolicking about in the mess. I took them down to McDonalds and the grocery store while my husband worked on cleaning it.

We went down and bought some new storage units, too.


We could have done with two or three more of those shelf-towers, actually. One was not nearly enough!

And now .... drumroll, please ...

Tidy room

Ta-da! All tidy and spiffed up! It makes our living room feel so much bigger.

So yeah, it's been a heck of a weekend.

Coffee, you are my greatest friend.

Black Coffee No Sugar Please Oh And A Little Bit Of Milk

Not my photo. I can't take photos this good.


Brenda said...

i love the way a clean and organized space makes one feel! For me its as if my brain is as messy or clean as my house. This can be both good and bad.

Meg said...

Woohoo! Don't you feel better? I love storage containers, hehe.

Farm Girl said...

I think it looks wonderful and so nice and clean. I am sure that part will make you feel so much better. I was thinking that you lost your grandma in December and now Ryan's grandpa in Feb. It has been a really hard couple of months for you.
Hang in there.


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