Monday, February 21

Food cravings

I've been craving ice cream lately.

I've read that that's a really common food to crave while pregnant. But see, it's not that I crave ice cream. It's the WAY that I crave ice cream.

When I've been on my feet a lot all day, right before dinner, I have this weird crash. I know I need to eat, but I don't want food. Food makes me gag. All I want is something cold and sweet ... something like ice cream.

I actually had ice cream for dinner a few nights in a row, then realized that I was headed down a very bad road (a rocky road?). So I made myself rest more and snack more, and reset my appetite to be hungry for food at dinner.

And I did research.

I found this spiffy page all about food cravings. Turns out food cravings aren't limited to just pregnant women. If you crave certain things, it means your body is actually needing something different.

If you crave chocolate, chances are you're in dire need of protein. (This seems to be the case with me.) If you crave other kinds of sweets (like hard candy), you might be in need of minerals or carbs. Or it might just be that your yeast is off.

If you crave salt, you might be in need of good fats and oils, like the kind in nuts, seeds, fish, and avocados. Or it might mean you're deficient in iodine or potassium.

I found this extremely interesting, and there's more detail in the article.

Beating Food Cravings

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Farm Girl said...

Wow that is just amazing. I will read this list before I consume a whole bag of something next time.


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