Sunday, February 20

Reducing clutter

Problem: we like to read.

Problem: our bookcase is too small.

Especially when you throw in all the toys on top that had to get put somewhere high.

Anyway, we went down to the Goodwill store yesterday to see if they had anything we could use as a bookcase.

The Goodwill store is AWESOME. And while we found armchairs for five bucks and lots of entertainment centers for thirty-five, there were no bookcases. (But I want to go back and browse their clothes. They have even more hilarious clothes than the clearance rack at Ross!)

Anyway, my mom got wind of this. She's been dying to get rid of some of her bookcases, so she offered us one. And after an afternoon of unloading, moving, vacuuming, dusting, and reloading, we wound up with this:

*Heavenly choir*

The old bookcase has been relocated to the bedroom, where it now holds all the toys formerly on top of it, as well as all my diapers. :-)


Farm Girl said...

Wow that is amazing!!! It looks so much better. You sure you don't have room for some more bookcases? I bet it just feels so nice now. Ems room looks so good too. I got her room all ship shape. I am going to do my room tomorrow. Dad even cleaned my shed. Upstairs looks so good now.

William said...

Oh my gosh, the "after" pic is a breath of fresh air. This makes me all kinds of happy.

I Live in an Antbed said...

Oh yes, just one more bookcase . . .

And then another and another--this is our house!!! Our library is rather large and I'm running out of places to put another one. I may have to move some of the children outside. :) (just teasing, kids)


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