Sunday, February 6

Sunday at the park

It was such a gorgeous day today that I made it a park day. With the ulterior motive of going to the mall first. :-)

Anyway, it was about 65 degrees today, and I got to sit in the sun until I felt my face start to burn. It was wonderful. The munchkins got to run around like little wild indians. And climb slides from the bottom up.

I'm so glad Holly's finally big enough to enjoy the park. She was running around with the bigger kids, totally unaware that she's not even two yet. The big girls there thought she was adorable.

Alex, my gregarious one, ran around and helped this other little kid build sand castles with a bucket and tear them down, over and over.

Then this girl showed up and graciously let them play with her sand toys. I made sure they asked politely first, and told her thank you when it was time to leave.

All in all, a very nice day at the park, even with the jillions of people there and the impending birthday party. Fortunately we got out of there before the party started, or I'd have had to explain to my munchkins why they couldn't have any cake.


Farm Girl said...

They look so sweet playing in the sand. It was a pretty day yesterday. I hope it is today.
Gama is feeling lonesome for her grand children. Very homesick.

Jennifer said...

We went to the park today! So glorious. So warm and lovely. I just wanted to lay in the grass. Those birthday parties throw my kids off, too. Why can't we bounce, Mom?


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