Monday, February 7

Forecasting the unborn

I've been closely observing the activities of this latest kid. She's due in April, so I have about ten weeks to go. I wanted to write down what I thought she'll be like, and check back after she's born to see if I was right.

First off, she never sleeps. NEV-VER. I imagine she sleeps at night when I'm asleep, but I wouldn't know because I'm so used to her attempting to break my pelvis.

Second, she's nosy as heck. She was flipping and kicking and being generally busy as we were trying to go to sleep one night. So Ryan start patting my belly to get her to calm down. All of her movements focused on the spot that he was patting, and she tried to kick or pat him back. If anything else pokes or prods my belly, she moves over to that spot and investigates it.

She knows her siblings' voices and starts moving around if they start talking.

She loves being read to.

Once she's born, and she finds that she can't roll over and move however she wants, she will NOT be a happy camper. I'm expecting her to cry a lot and only sleep when I'm either walking or rocking her. This prospect does not fill me with joy. Possibly she'll also have colic like Alex did for the first three months. Hopefully I know more about managing babies than I did with Alex, so it won't be as bad.

So that's my baby forecast. We'll see how close I got once she's born and I've had time to get to know her little personality.


Meg said...

I'm going to laugh so hard if it turns out to be a very rambunctious boy. :P

Farm Girl said...

Well, I had babies that were very busy that turned out to be sleepy once they were born. William was a very busy boy and yet he was such a good boy as a baby. So I think sometimes they just are ready to start life. I love your update though. It makes me happy.

I Live in an Antbed said...

Congratulations!!! Number 3! How exciting. Your prediction sounds like our first one--she wasn't happy until she became mobile. But that will just mean that she will be brilliant. :)


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