Thursday, February 24

A little school

I decided that today, I was going to work with my munchkins and see how much school we could do.

So I found an age-appropriate Bible story book, and we read a few out of that. Then I printed out some letter and number coloring pages from a nifty website I found. I busted out the markers, and they had a grand time coloring the letter A, and various pictures starting with A.

Once they had finished those, I got out the raisins and we did math. Of course, they ate the math problems once they had solved them. (Or Alex did. Holly just ate raisins and we counted them as she ate them.) Then we did a dot-the-dot and colored it.

After that, I was out of ideas, and they were wiggly, so I put on our Dance Playlist and we did funny marches around the living room. (Remember Hamster Dance? Remember the Radio Disney version? I knew it would come in handy someday!)

Then we had lunch and took naps. I was exhausted. Alex has walked around with his little "A" book all day and talks about nothing but school. I think it was a big hit.

First-School Preschool activities and crafts

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Farm Girl said...

That is so cute, it makes my heart glad to know that he loves school. I also can just see Holly eating the math problems. I always did love preschool. :)and grade school well and high school. :)


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