Tuesday, March 1

Spring walk

Today's March 1st! It's gloriously warm outside (about 60 degrees), and mildly overcast. Supposedly a storm is coming in tomorrow, but today, it's wonderful.

I'd been reading an article about being a Preschool dropout, how this lady pulled her kid out of preschool because he hated it so much. The comments were all mostly, "Little kids shouldn't be in preschool anyway! Let 'em play outside!"

So I took the munchkins out on a Spring walk around our apartment complex today, to see if we could find spring. Here's what we found.

Right in our next-door-neighbor's flowerbed:

Alex picks a flower. He also borrowed my camera and snapped a picture.

Alex's picture:

Holly had a little more trouble picking a flower. They had tough stems that resisted picking.

There were very few flowers after this, so we went out to the office that always has very nice landscaping. All the fall flowers (what is a "fall flower"? Must be a California thing) like the pansies and snapdragons were in full bloom, which means they're slated to be ripped out in a few weeks and replaced with "spring flowers". They each picked a pansy.

Then we went and tagged trees along a big grassy strip. They still have their flowers, you see.

Then we came home and put their flowers in a vase, and had lunch. It was a very nice walk. Maybe next time we'll go further and look for more blooming things.

Article on being a Preschool Dropout


Jennifer said...

Alex looks so big in that picture where he is just staring at the camera! It reminds me of Jackson's constant "pose". :)

I Live in an Antbed said...

Awwww, they are adorable!! What a beautiful day!

Farm Girl said...

Aw what a nice walk, I am so glad I am going to read that article too.


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