Thursday, March 10

Alex's fourth birthday

Today is Alex's fourth birthday!

He woke up this morning to find a brand new scooter waiting for him.

He hasn't quite figured out how to ride it yet, but he's got the general idea.

His grandma and cousins came over, and after a lot of playing, we did candles and cake.

Lighting candles ...

Singing happy birthday ...

And blowing out the candles.

I royally flopped the icing, so it was like this pool of pink sweet stuff that just oozed all over the cake (I had run out of butter). But the kids didn't mind.

All in all, just a nice, low-key birthday. Next up, new baby will have Birthday 0 in April, then Holly turns 2 in May. What a spring!


Farm Girl said...

Yes, the best kind of spring!!! I am one happy grandma. So nice to be with all of my babies. I feel so content and happy. Thanks it was a very nice day.

I Live in an Antbed said...

Awww, what a cutie! We have a birthday in our family today, too. Our youngest turned 11! And sometimes the simple family parties are my favorite. That's what we usually have.

William said...

I was hoping to see a blog entry about this. It's almost like I was there!


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