Tuesday, March 29

Tuesday blog roundup

Today, I noticed that I have 198 posts on my blog. Two more and I break 200! I sat down to blog about something and drew a complete and utter blank. Kids still a little under the weather. Tired from working yesterday. Staring labor in the face here in a few weeks. Who wants to blog about that?

So I'm going to blog about what other people are blogging about! I follow an oddball mishmash of stuff, so here, without further ado, is what people are talking about on my blogroll:

Over at Razzberry Corner, her guineas are finally laying. Nancy Medina has painted some poppies and talks a little about animal rescue, while Bakerella, who is finally feeling better, shows off her gorgeous cake pedestals.

Food in Jars is advertising a goody giveaway, while over on his art blog, Stape delves a little into the career of L. Gerome. I Live in an Antbed offers tips on traveling with many children crammed into a car, and Bee Haven Acres brags about a different species of newborn kid (triplets!)

The Joys of Home Educating reviews some homemade soap today. Patrice at Everyday Ruralty interviews a lady who lives off the grid, and My Watercolor Diary has a new painting of a Yorkshire countryside.

And Cake Wrecks.


Farm Girl said...

I will have to sit and go through and look at all of those blogs. Nice post. Yep, staring labor in the face makes things look different. I hope your day is better today.

Leontien said...

Numbers are good. I just found out i have 5000 views on my blog and that just makes me happy!

I'll go check out your hops!


I Live in an Antbed said...

198!!! Yipee!! That's great! Keep 'em comin'! There are those days when it just seems like the gear shift won't move out of neutral. We've had a lot of those over the past couple of months. And I'm NOT expecting. So you take it easy and prop your feet up and breathe deeply and just enjoy all those wonderful blessings He keeps showering us with. :)


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