Saturday, March 19

Silver linings

It's just a cloudy Saturday, waiting for the big storm to hit this afternoon.

I've been making bread and a pound cake all morning (and feeding various people lunch in between), and being on my feet has me tired. We shall see how well the pound cake turns out. I've never made one before, but it smells wonderful.

This is the sort of thing the munchkins do while I'm busy in the kitchen.

Me being busy in the kitchen must be so "normal" that they get all happy. I was listening to Donna Otto's podcast, the one about a Peaceful Home. One of the things she talks about is how as the momma, I am the thermostat of the home. If I want peace in my home, first I need to be peaceful myself, through Bible reading and things like that. So I've endeavored to do that, and I've noticed that the tone of our home has been pretty non-stressful.

Which was good yesterday, because my husband embarked on a salvage operation of an old PC that is nonetheless more powerful than both of ours put together. He spent the whole day reinstalling Windows on the thing, only to have it go into the Restart Cycle of Death, which never actually gets back into Windows, and finally ends at a black screen of nothing. We have no idea why it did it.

Anyway, that sort of thing is kind of stressful, and I think I managed to keep the household from exploding by just trying to set my thermostat to "peaceful".

That's an acacia tree, like what the Ark of the Covenant is made out of. Click to enlarge it and look at the bizarre little leaves.

And here's Holly with a dandelion puff in each hand.

Last but not least, here's a lizard who was trapped in a bucket at Mom's. Nobody wanted to pick him up except me. I love lizards.


Farm Girl said...

Such good pictures. I can't believe Holly had her feet in Alex's face! That is so cute. Those are nice pictures.

I Live in an Antbed said...

This was such a precious post. Good job, mama!


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