Sunday, March 6

Good ol' March

Yesterday was such an incredibly gorgeous day. It was just over 70 degrees, and sunny with a breeze. The kids ran in and out all day, and I got to sun myself as much as I liked. (I'm so disgustingly white. I wish I had a splash of Mexican or some other brown flavor in me, so I wasn't so white in the spring. I look like, like, a grub, or a cave cricket, or something.)

Anyway, today we got up and it's gray and cloudy. There's a big storm up north, and we might get a few sprinkles today.

As always in the spring, I think of my favorite passage from this little book called the Song of the Cardinal, by Gene Stratton Porter. Imagine my delight when I found it as a free ebook! So now I can post this excerpt from it without having to beg my mom's copy.

Up in the land of the Limberlost, old Mother Nature, with
strident muttering, had set about her annual house cleaning.
With her efficient broom, the March wind, she was sweeping every
nook and cranny clean. With her scrub-bucket overflowing with
April showers, she was washing the face of all creation, and if
these measures failed to produce cleanliness to her satisfaction,
she gave a final polish with storms of hail.

Free ebook here

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Farm Girl said...

I love that passage so much. It is like reading a chocolate bar,it tastes as good as it looks. I need to get the book out and read it just for spring. Just lovely thanks.


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