Wednesday, March 23

Fun with rain

It's been raining a lot in SoCal lately. Nice, warm, spring rains. Well, the ones we got over the weekend were a little excessive. I knew something bad was coming, because Saturday evening, the sky looked like this:

Just this weird, blank, yellowish light, instead of the usual red or pink. You know the adage about "red sky at night, sailors' delight, red sky at morning, sailors take warning"? When you get that morning red sky, chances are your sunset the night before looked like this.

Anyway, it rained all day Sunday. The kids loved it.

They went out and laughed at the sound of raindrops pattering on their hoods. I let them catch raindrops in various cups and things, until they were cold and tired and came in of their own accord.

Monday morning: flooded.

Flooded sidewalk

But it was lovely and warm, so we went out and swept water off the walk.

Alex bailed with a plastic container.

And mama went out and swept water, too, to have a pretense just to get her feet wet in the nice clean rainwater. Of course, it didn't stay clean once we all got into it and stirred it up, but it was fun to play in just the same. We swept enough off that it was dry by that afternoon.

And today: more rain! Alex is hoping it floods again.


Mimi said...

I love how kiddos make every day things fun.

Farm Girl said...

It does look like they had fun. :)


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