Monday, March 28

God's will for me today

It's been kind of a rough weekend. The kids came down with the stomach flu Friday. Today's Monday and we're still dealing with the remains of it.

When your kids have the flu like that, the whole house starts feeling (and smelling) unclean. I needed to clean house like crazy, but I was in that Monday morning slump and just couldn't seem to muster the energy. So I was sitting and reading blogs to try to get a jump on the day.

Like Mother, Like Daughter updated with a post called Competence vs. Perfectionism. There are lots of good thoughts in it, but the one that really spoke to me was this one:

What would you think if I told you that you could find out right now what His will is? That it's a "problem" of a day, not years? His will for you, specifically? (And I'm not going to trick you by saying that God's will for you turns out to be "love everyone," or "work for world peace," or "lock and load"!)

It's not really a secret, and it's so simple that it seems like it couldn't possibly be true. It's just this:

Trying to do all the stuff you have to do, today, with a loving heart.

Not all the stuff you could possibly do.

The stuff you have to do.

Knowing what that stuff might be is couldn't be simpler, and counts as the most lovely prayer and also remedy for the distraction of other people's priorities: In God's presence, think of your obligations; the people to whom you are obligated.

...Don't be like Mrs. Jellyby, whose eyes could see no closer than Africa! “It must be very good of Mrs Jellyby to take such pains about a scheme for the benefit of natives — and yet — Peepy and the housekeeping!”

I didn't want to be like Mrs. Jellyby, so I jumped up and cleaned house. Trying to do it cheerfully, because today, cleaning house is God's will for me. And so is cleaning up other detritus from small, unwell children.

Chicken soup for dinner, I think.


Farm Girl said...

I like that and to put Mrs. Jellaby in it was cool. I am so glad. What a nice post.

I Live in an Antbed said...

So very wise! You chose well! :)


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