Wednesday, March 2

Wednesday words of weight "loss"

I'm participating in Patrice's words of weight "loss" again this week, again with a spin toward gaining weight, since I'm almost eight months pregnant.

1. As a child, were you underweight, overweight, or average?

Average, I suppose. I've always been on the small size, so according to those hilariously inaccurate weight scales at the mall, I'm 20 pounds underweight. I'm only my proper weight when I'm pregnant.

2. Do you have an exercise machine? (ie-treadmill)

Nope. We used to have one, and there was something wrong with it, so you could only make the conveyor belt move by pushing it with your feet. Walk on that thing for five minutes and your heart feels like it's going to explode. We got rid of it eventually, after the cats had claimed it as a giant tilted bed.

3. Would you prefer a stationery bike or a real one?

A real bike, man! This is Southern CA. Even in our worst weather, it's never too bad for a bike ride. Unfortunately we don't have anywhere to put one at the moment, so we lack bikes. My husband had one when we got married, but someone stole it.

4. What's the strangest diet you ever heard of?

Probably the "all-coffee" diet, but I know there's lots like that, where you eat only one thing for months. I think there used to be one to purge you, like all cod-liver oil, and then they found out cod-liver oil is toxic in large amounts. Whoops.

5. Please finish this sentence: I will be kind to myself this week by...

I'll answer this one in pictures.

A chocolate cream cheese cupcake. We didn't even frost them. They were that good.

This is technically a picture of apricot cobbler, but I made peach cobbler with some of the thousands of peaches I froze last summer, and it looked exactly like this.

Boy was it good. I ate the majority myself, standing secretly in the kitchen with a spoon, "evening up the edges". We all know how dangerous that is.


Farm Girl said...

Wow I like your answers! Something is up with the internet so I can hardly do anything at all. I hope I can even send this.
Have a nice day.

Patrice said...

I'm glad you joined in again. I haven't heard of the coffee diet, but I'm sure if there is a strange way to diet, someone has thought of it! I hope you're feeling great and you have a good week!

Jennifer said...

I'm enjoying your spin on this series. Oh, to have your problem! ;)


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