Saturday, February 5

Spring books

Do you have books that you can only read at certain seasons? Like, books to read in the winter, books to read in the spring, and so on.

I've been wanting to read my Spring books, and I might just collect them and start chugging through them. Here's my list:

The Secret Garden The Secret Garden. Oh man, this one is TERRIBLE if you have spring fever, because you want to get out in the dirt so BAD. But it's a lovely spring book.

The Four-Story Mistake (Melendy Quartet) The Four Story Mistake. For some reason I read the various books in the Melendy series seasonally. Winter is The Saturdays, spring is the Four Story Mistake, summer is And Then There Were Five, and fall is Spiderweb for Two. If you've never read the Melendy books, treat yourself and pick them up. Just fun, funny, beautifully-written kids books about a squirrely family and the adventures they get up to.

The Dalemark Quartet The Dalemark Quartet. This one is a recent addition to my Spring books, probably because I first read it in the spring a few years ago. Or maybe it's because the first book, Spellcoats, takes place in the early, early spring. Oddball fantasy juvenile fiction with almost no magic, and yet has a great deal of magic. And the last book has time travel! What's not to like?

J.R.R. Tolkien Boxed Set (The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings) Lord of the Rings. This is more of a winter book, but usually it's almost spring by the time I finish. I like to read it when it's dark and cold, because then I can imagine that I'm out with Frodo and Sam in the cold, and when it's cloudy, it seems like that cloud of darkness that comes from Mordor in the last book. Not something to attempt if you have issues with depression, though.

Grey DawnGray Dawn. Another of my favorite spring books, because it starts out in the springtime when Gray Dawn, a collie puppy, is the lone survivor of an unfortunate litter. And he goes on to be an absolute terror, and it's so very hilarious. You go the whole book wondering if he's a really smart dog, or a really stupid one.

I know there's more, but that'll do for now. Do you have any books you read seasonally?


Farm Girl said...

Lovely book post. It makes me want to run upstairs to your book case and read them all. Well except the Dalemark Quartet and I know that is at your house. I love them all and think of them as very good friends.
I haven't been reading very much. Maybe I need to read for awhile.

Kessie said...

Hey, you know how I always wanted to get Bruce, by Albert Payson Terhune? It's available as an ebook on Amazon, and what's more, it sounds really interesting! It's about courier dogs in WW1. I'd still like to try to find it in hardback, though. Assuming things like used bookstores still exist.


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