Saturday, April 23

Easter frosting fail

Pioneer Woman has a tasty-sounding hot cross buns recipe. I've been snooping around for something "traditional" to cook this Easter. I looked at a lot of Matzah bread recipes, because I'd really like to try to do the whole feast of unleavened bread and Passover thing. Because, hey, Jesus fulfilled all that when he died, and it's really awesome and all that. And I really like Matzah bread.

But I just never got around to it, and I couldn't think of what to serve with it. (Soup? Hummus? Guacamole?) Whereas hot cross buns are just basically a sweet roll with frosting on it. The opposite of yeast-and-sugar-free Matzah bread, but ah well. At least I'm not baking a ham, right?

So I used a general dinner roll recipe, and did PW's technique of folding cinnamon, sugar, and raisins into the dough. You can add more spices than that, but after all that peach butter last summer, I can't stomach the thought of nutmeg.

The rolls turned out so good that we devoured them hot. I was concerned that we wouldn't have any left for me to make crosses on.

Anyway, the rolls finally cooled, and I whipped up a little vanilla buttercream frosting. I dug out the last little Ziploc bag, put frosting in it, cut off the tip, and squeezed.

Frosting emerged from the end, and also from two extra holes I didn't know were in the bag, sprouting extra little frosting-tendrils across my fingers.

Never one to say die, I managed to frost two buns before the bag shredded. So I ditched it and went, "They're just crosses. I can smear that on with my fingers!"

Fortunately I had washed my hands before this farce began.

So my hot cross buns look like this.

Big, fat, smeary crosses an inch thick in icing.

Not shown: the one that I messed up on, so I slathered the remainder of the icing in the bowl on top of it. It made a good snack.

Happy Easter, everyone!


Meg said...

Hehe, I think they're just fine.

You're doing even more than me this year. I don't think we're even doing eggs *gasp*. Not going anywhere, no cooking. Just BBQing Hamburgers and sitting on our butts. I feel like such a pagan. :P

We had Jewish neighbors across the street growing up and the mom would make Matzah "pizza" with tomato sauce and melted cheese on top. They were so good, I've been wanting to make them ever since.

Happy Easter!

I Live in an Antbed said...

Perfection! :) Love the improvisation.

Farm Girl said...

They were eatable so that means they were not a fail. :) It sounds like a wonderful recipe.


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