Wednesday, April 20

Tree climbing

Lately Alex has been enamored with being four years old. He tells me so the first thing in the morning. "Mom! I'm four years old!"

Being four has opened a whole new world for him. He figured out how to climb the tree outside our apartment, because being four means that he's big now.

He's about two feet off the ground, but he can get up and down by himself.

When I was growing up, my Dad's rule was that we had to climb up in a tree by ourselves, and climb down by ourselves, with no adult assistance. So we worked and worked until we could do it. I'm holding Alex to the same rule. So he goes out and sits in the tree when we're all sick of being around each other in the house.

Trees can be such lifesavers. Fortunately, it hasn't dawned on him to climb any higher yet. Maybe when he's five ...

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Farm Girl said...

I like seeing him is a tree. So true about the climbing part. You remember why Dad said that? If you could get your self in a tree and could get up and down then there was less danger of you falling out. It always worked the only time anyone got hurt was when W. got off the rope and dropped B. who swears he broke his tailbone. Which he might have.
He looks happy. He told us that too. He wanted to climb the tree in front but he isn't quite big enough yet.


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