Monday, April 25

Easter fun

A belated "stuff we did on Easter post"!

Easter morning, the kids got up and had to hunt for their candy, hidden inside of plastic eggs, all over the living room. Then they got to open their sugar eggs from their Grandma Jacki.

It was a breakfast of jelly beans, chocolate, and hot cross buns. They bounced off the walls for hours.

A closer look at the sugar egg that didn't get its decorations eaten off in the first hour. Isn't it gorgeous?

That afternoon, we headed to the other Grandma's to hunt eggs.

They had so much fun that their teenage uncles had a hunt of their own, for an egg containing five bucks. It was hidden deviously well and took them a long time to find.

We concluded the evening by doing communion and the Resurrection Eggs (12 eggs with little items in them that tell the story of Jesus's death and resurrection).

It was a very nice Easter. :-)


Rachel Blackmon said...

Oooo, Resurrection Eggs! I like that idea. =) You'll have to share how to do that sometime. I LOVE the sugar eggs. I'm assuming the sugar eggs were handmade? I've never seen them before. They're really cool!

Meg said...

Holy moly that egg is gorgeous! Looks like you guys had a ton of fun!

Farm Girl said...

It was a nice day. I am glad you showed a picture of those sugar eggs Jacki made. Very pretty. Nice picture of your Dad too.

I Live in an Antbed said...

What a lovely day! That sugar egg is incredible! Happy Resurrection! :)


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