Thursday, April 28

Ten pounds! and sweets

I weighed Claire today, and she's up just over ten pounds now. She was 8.2 when she was born. Not bad for being three weeks old.

Patrice over on Everyday Ruralty does the Wednesday Words for Weight Loss every week. A few weeks ago, her daughter suggested a question about, "Something sweet that is healthy that you can eat and not feel guilty."

I've tried and tried to come up with something that might fit that category. Most baked goods are out of the question, because they have flour and yeast and sugar. I suppose if it was something weird like barley flour, no yeast and some weird natural sugar, it might be okay. Anyway, after three weeks of pondering, I finally have two sweet things that I think qualify:

Granola bars

People go crazy with their granola bar recipes, composing them of strange toasted grains, stuffing them with weird dried fruit, and binding them together with honey and maple syrups. I suppose you could eat these without guilt. They're not cake, but hey, you can mix chocolate chips into them, right?

Fruit (not my photo)

Fruit salad

Fruit is full of vitamins and fiber and all kinds of goodness. Although there is a limit to how much you can eat (unless you're immune to laxatives), you can pretty much eat fruit with no guilt.

I keep trying to think of something else that you could eat huge amounts of that wouldn't make you feel guilty (or sick). Try as I might, I can't justify chocolate. I know the dark chocolate people have been working overtime, pimping the antioxidants, but you know what? Chocolate is still chocolate.

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Farm Girl said...

I still need to get the recipe for your granola bars. That is great that Claire is up to 10 pounds.
Have a nice day,


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