Wednesday, November 23

Cook-frenzy Wednesday

It's the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. That means it's the day to pre-cook everything!

I'm thankful for:

22. That moment when the tired baby lays her head on your shoulder and sighs.

23. Coconuts.

Because coconuts are awesome. They may be a pain in the butt to get out of the shell (I read that they take 75 days off the tree to ripen, and once ripe, the flesh peels right out of the shell), but fresh grated coconut and coconut milk is out of this world. Here's how you make coconut milk.

Anyway, I'm off to make coconut cream pie, and look up a jillion recipes for sweet potatoes with those marshmallows on top. Mine will be full of butter and brown sugar and cinnamon, and be as dessert-like as possible. Think pumpkin pie, but with marshmallows.


Meg said...

Oh my gosh I can't wait for tomorrow! I hope you're making a whole coconut cream just for me!

Farm Girl said...

I love coconut cream pie and I love sweet potatoes.
Guess what? I woke up with no voice.
I don't feel that bad just quiet. :)
I hope it doesn't get worse as I would hate it if you and Megan had to do the whole day.
Your Dad is home so he is helping me get the turkey in brine.
Em's said to wait until she gets home from school so I am good I think.
Just pray that this is it. Just no voice.
Have a fun day, I loved that the baby put her head on your shoulder and sighed so sweet.


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