Wednesday, November 16

Thankfulness and boring

Head munchkin playing with his train in the "snow". I thought that was pretty creative.

I've discovered by updating my blog almost every day that I really am very boring. There's nothing much to report that would make a good blog post. "Yesterday I ran out of laundry soap. I bought some cheap stuff, and only read the directions after I found it caked all over the clothes after the wash."

Because that's so interesting.

Anyway, thankfulness!

15. How much fun I have with the munchkins when we're all just being silly.

16. My husband, who is so kind to me. Have I been thankful for him yet? I think it'll be a recurring theme. I am so very thankful for him.

Oh yeah, that's why my brain is shut down about yesterday--I tried to read Hank Hanegraaff's The Apocalypse Code.

*insert stock image of a brain exploding here*

Mostly the book's about how much he hates the Left Behind books, and he uses every study technique that he can to show that Revelation happened in 70 AD. Monsters and demons and meteors falling? All metaphor. Anything that applies to helicopters, tanks, and nukes? Boy, that's all literal!

When I learned about Bible prophecy, we were taught about how every prophecy is in layers, and each layer applies to something different. Sure, some things in Revelation and Daniel and elsewhere apply to 70 AD. But there's multiple layers there. It wasn't completely fulfilled then, and I think to state dogmatically that it was, you remove some of the multidimensionalness of the Bible.

Anyway. I didn't mean to blog about that. I find that it's dangerous to talk about things I don't fully understand, and Revelation is one of those things.


Farm Girl said...

Well I don't think you are boring and remember what Stephen King said In Writing, write about work, readers love it. I love reading about your day and I never find it the least boring and I think it is funny that A. made the train go through snow. Very Creative.
Well, you know I wanted you to tell me what you think about that book because you can always see things I can't.
I feel the same way, you can't take away the layers in the Bible.
Then the promises that I think God gives me and how he speaks to me in times of anxiety, then I would have to treat it as a normal book and not the book that is inspired.
Like today Commit to the Lord Whatever you do,
and your plans will succeed."
Proverbs 16:3
If I took it to be like Hank says, I would have to say that it was for the Jews and not for me at all and I prefer to think it is God's letter to me instructing me in how to live day to day. Wow, sorry about the book.

Anne said...

That is very creative!

I don't understand the prophecies either. :)

And you are not boring!! :)


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