Tuesday, November 1

November chat

Here's the munchkins shortly before we set out on our trick or treating adventure last night. We went out about dusk, because I didn't want to be out a long time after dark. We just stayed in the apartment complex, and visited apartments that had decorations up. So we visited about 8 apartments, heh. Everyone was very nice and handed out handfuls of candy, because there were no other trick or treaters.

The decorations of spider webs, witches, ghouls and skulls were a bit much for them, though.

Anyway, on to the meme! This is from Everyday Ruralty.

Alison asks: What's the biggest obstacle you've overcome or need to?

My own laziness. Always have battled it, always will battle it.

Julia asks: If you won $100,000 what changes would you make?

I'd buy some shelves and look into bunk beds for the munchkins. I think we have just enough room, as long as they were child-sized.

McGuffy Ann asks: What's the most unusual pet you've had?

A couple of iguanas. I wasn't a very good pet owner, though. My first one died because I didn't know they needed a heat lamp, and the second one only got fed when I remembered him. He eventually was given away to a guy who raises reptiles, and hopefully is immensely fat these days. I liked my chickens much better.

When do you start decorating for Christmas?

Usually in the start of December. I have, like, two decorations to put up, and a little artificial tree that the kids decorate. It still makes it feel so Christmasy in here. I do wish I had a little Nativity scene like my mom's, that the kids could play with.

What's your favorite type of magazine to read?

I used to devour Reader's Digest before their format changed to Women's Home and Garden. (Remember the Drama in Real Life column? I remember it. Sigh.) I don't really read magazines aside from the occasional cooking mag that my mom lends me. Taste of Home is always nice.


Farm Girl said...

They look so cute all dressed up. I am glad you had a nice time. I am glad you are playing along with Patrice. I love reading your answers. I still learn things about you I didn't know.
Well, off to do school and clean house.
Have a great day,

Patrice said...

I'm glad you joined in this week. Your munchkins looked adorable. I'm not ready for Christmas to be just around the corner! Yikes! Have a good week.

Cathy Kennedy said...

My son dressed up as a pirate one year. Your kiddos look so cute. Mine are all grown now. Boo-Hoo-Hoo!

I like Reader's Digest, too, but don't read too much printed literature these days. Every thing I read now is on the web.

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Stephanie V said...

My kids always loved it when their dad took them into an apartment building. You're right, hardly anyone goes and the folks are always so happy to see the kids.

Christmas seems so close now that Hallowe'en is over. We have a small tree too - allergies keep us artificial.

Homeschool on the Croft said...

"I liked my chickens better"... so funny. And I would too!

I know the 'laziness' thing.... well, I'm not so sure it's laziness with me, but procrastination. It drives me mad! And then when I do (eventually) do what I've been meaning to do for the past *age*, I think, 'Why on earth did you not do it straight away... it wasn't so bad'. When will I ever learn!
Love, Anne x

shopannies said...

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