Tuesday, November 8

Food blogs

Guess what I'm thankful for today?

...you guessed it!

Food blogs.

The reason being, I can go into a panic about dinner, spend ten minutes online, and have dinner ready in the next 45 minutes. This evening, for instance, since it's an early dinner evening, we're having chicken nachos, but without the Chipotle peppers because I forgot they were part of the recipe.

I might just go with red bell peppers.

Because red bell peppers are divine.

I sound like Pioneer Woman.

So yes. In years before the internet, it was all cookbooks and cooking magazines. And now, not only do you have a vast library of step by step recipes at your fingertips, you can leave comments like, "Gee, I didn't have any Chipotle peppers and it turned out just fine!"


Meg said...

Yes! I love food blogs too. I have a "To Cook" folder in my bookmarks full of things I want to try at some point. Going through it the other day I noticed that most of it is sweets and baked goodies. :)

Patrice said...

Food blogs and the huge source of recipes on the internet make it a wonderful day and age to cook!

Farm Girl said...

The other day I couldn't get on the internet to get a recipe I wanted. I had to wing it. It tasted okay but It would have turned out if I could have got online. Yes, they are the best.


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