Saturday, November 26

Thankful weekend

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone. We met at my parents' with our spouses and children, and my folks smoked a turkey. I'm so thankful for my family!

Munchkin A ganking an uncle.

After dinner, it was time for games. Here's the gang learning how to play Resistance.

That left me and my mom to watch the munchkins. Poor Mom came down with the awful cold we've been trading around all month, and I couldn't leave her to watch five toddlers all alone.

They never held still. See how blurry my pictures turned out? Here they are, demolishing apples.

I'm so thankful that my life is fairly uneventful. I'm reading blogs about peoples' divorces, and spouses who are dying or who have died, and the heartbreak bleeds from every word. I'm so thankful that we're all healthy and we all like each other. We can weather all of life's other bumps just fine, as long as we just cling to Jesus like limpets to rocks.


Farm Girl said...

I like that "clinging to Jesus like limpets to rocks." Sometimes that is all you can do.
We have been through lots of storms together. Like John Bunyan said, " I am on the bottom, and the ground is firm."
It was a nice day. I like your pictures. Even the blurry ones because that is just how they all are, just blurs.

Vee said...

Like Farm Girl, I really like that expression, too. I'm visiting from the Giving Thanks Challenge and I apologize for not getting here sooner. We've had a lot of fog on the East Coast, too. Similar weather patterns I guess. A Blessed Christmas to you and yours!


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