Friday, June 4

Attack of the contrails

The other evening I put the kids to bed, but I noticed that the sky outside was really lit up. So I walked out with my camera.

Looking west.

Contrails! Contrails everywhere! And so lit up!

So I waited another twenty minutes or so, and checked out the sunset's progress. To the west it had cleared up, but to the east were some gorgeous UFO clouds.

I looked up the names of these, and they're called standing lenticularis, a variety of alto cumulus.

We only get these sorts of skies when it's about to get really hot, and sure enough, it's supposed to be in the upper 90s this weekened. I hope the power doesn't go out, or I might have to borrow our neighbor's barbecue to cook dinner.

On second thought, that might be pretty cool.


Meg said...

Or you could always dig a fire pit in the planter! :D

I had just posted my "Attack of the Baked Goods" post and then saw the title of your post... Apparently it's an Attack kind of day. ;P

Anonymous said...

Those sky pictures are really pretty! Thanks for the tip for the Jamba Juice website. I am looking forward to making smoothies soon!

Jennifer said...

Contrails or chemtrails? Hmmm?


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