Tuesday, June 15

What a pool should not look like

First off, some happy munchkins pictures!

I told Alex to smile, and he gave me this.

Holly had climbed up and was scoring the grapes. She's turning into a camera hound, too.

I've been taking Alex to the apartment pool for the last few days, mostly to get him out of the house and burn some energy. We're doing pre-swimming lessons, so I mostly sail him around the shallow end and tell him to kick his feet.

Anyway, I checked the pool today and had severe misgivings about swimming in it.

See, a swimming pool should be this color:

And yet our swimming pool is an increasing shade of emerald.

Yes. So. We didn't go swimming today. I'm waiting in vain for the pool guy to come and put in some shock or something. But the pool guy never does anything. He's only here about five minutes. Then the inevitable sign will go up on the gate, "Pool closed because of bacteria."

I was taking my picture of the green water, thinking about bacteria, and of course, this song had to pop into my head. Warning: extremely catchy.


Farm Girl said...

That is just iccky. I wonder why that pool does that in the summer?
The kids look very cute and I love the picture of Holly standing on the chair. What a ham!

Meg said...

That is really gross... Maybe it costs more to shock it, so they don't bother.


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