Friday, June 18

Tree hugger

You know, I don't think I'm a tree hugger. I don't think I'm all nuts about nature and the environment and stuff. I mean, I live in an apartment. There's, what, maybe six trees in the entire complex? We just saw Avatar on video, and all the tree-worshipping kind of gave me the creeps.

Then this happens, and it just tears me up.

We now have about five trees in our apartment complex. In the next block over from us was this giant pine tree with very spread-out branches. It had been trimmed and sculpted into an umbrella-shape, and shaded that whole corner, six or seven apartments all together. We always walked under it when we took the kids out in their stroller.

Ryan had noticed that the tree had started splitting from the bottom up over the last few days. Either it fell down or they took it down, we're not sure. Anyway, this is where it used to be.

Look how it tore up the sidewalk.

Now look again at the size of those logs.

They were almost as tall as I am, and I'm five foot one. These limbs were massive! I wish I had a use for pine, or I'd grab some of it. Like if I carved wood or something. It has very nice color and all.

But yes. I expected one of the giant eucalyptus trees to fall down before the pine did. If I'm sad about this happening to one of our trees, does that make me a tree hugger?


Farm Girl said...

It always makes me sad to see a tree die. So I guess that makes me a tree hugger too.

Meg said...

Depends, did you go up and hug it? >.>

Seeing any plant that you've become attached to is sad.

Hannah said...

I think it's more that you were attatched to that specific tree and had a lot of fond memories involving it, rather than you think that it's death itself is some vast injustice or tragedy. I'd feel sad if one of the big trees in our yard died, for the same reasons.

Wordmom said...

We are supposed to respect nature (trees, the ocean, wildlife) because like us they were created by God. But we're not supposed to make nature our God. I think that's the difference between a tree hugger and one who appreciates trees.


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