Monday, June 21

Baby birds

The sun was going down, and the kids were driving me up the wall with that post-dinner high-blood-sugar bouncing-off-the-walls. So I tossed Holly in the stroller, handed Alex a stick, and we went for a long walk around the apartment complex. Alex gets to run along and hit bushes with a stick. It's a game I made up and he enjoys it a lot.

Anyway, we were on the far side of the complex, walking under one of the carports, when I noticed a bird flying out of the tops of one of the posts. Upon closer inspection, I noticed the post was covered in bird droppings.

Upon still closer inspection, I saw three tiny bird heads looking over the edge.

They're house finches, because they were still chirping, and it was the house finch chirp, not the sparrow chirp.

(Not my photo)

Here's what they'll grow into, and they sing so pretty.

Even in an apartment complex, nature creeps in!

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Farm Girl said...

Yes, neat things are all around us if we but open our eyes. I am sorry you are having a down day. The upstairs air conditioner is on the fritz and we can't get someone out to fix it until tomorrow. Emilie got up on the wrong side of the bed and wanted to kill the rooster, She is really grumpy. So I kind of feel out of sorts, no one will even come out and look at the air conditioner unless we give them 89 dollars first.
I need to learn how to repair air conditioners.
You could come pick plums. :)
I am praying for you today.
I love you,


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