Tuesday, June 1

How to amuse children

Holly came in today all fussy because she was bored. She was all hot, too, and kept pulling at her sweaty hair on her neck. So I found a hair rubber band and a hairbrush.

She was all smiles by the time I finished. The ponytail actually lasted a good fifteen minutes before she pulled it out. I thought she was too cute by far. She just needs a little more hair ... it's still very thin and wispy.

And then this afternoon, I gave my babies cups of water because they were thirsty. Then I looked up and saw this.

Alex merrily taking mouthfuls of water and spitting them out the screen door.

When they heard the camera, they gave me such angelic smiles. Little punks.


Meg said...

YAY! Oh my gosh you can not believe how long I have wanted to see her with a pony tail. That is TOO cute!

My boys do that with water too. All three of them. It's cute, for the first 2 minutes. Then not so much...

Jennifer said...

The sweetest smiles make for the most mischievous deeds, for sure! Love the ponytail. We can hand you down some bows here soon, if you are up for it. :)


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