Wednesday, June 16

Further battling against snails

I haven't done a gardening post in a while. I thought I'd post about how my hollyhocks are doing.

This is the one pot that still has hollyhocks. The others were picked back to nubs by Alex, who mistook them for the mint beside them. And then the snails devoured the remains.

I fought to save my other pot, keeping the edges encrusted with salt and killing all the snails that tried to camp out under the rim of the pot. And all the little slugs underneath it, too.

They did do some damage.

But my hollyhocks are thriving anyway! I think it's the hot weather. It's making them grow like crazy.

Here's one of my little enemies. Notice the hieroglyphics on his shell.

I didn't even notice the detail until I was reviewing my photo later. I love photos that turn out better than you had expected.

Anyway, yes, my tiny garden is moving forward!

1 comment:

Hannah D said...

Fear me, for I am snailothor, god of garden pests and the harbringer of hollyhock destruction!


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