Saturday, August 27

Doing school again

We've been doing school all week, and the munchkins have loved it. Here they are doing arts and crafts, aka "playdough".

My Mom found an old disused preschool curriculum, and passed it on to me. I've been copying pages out of it and letting the munchkins color them. They're Bible stories told very simply, with worksheets to write the letter A or the letter B and so on. And a number, too.

It's a bit over Holly's head, but she can color the pictures while Alex and I count pencils for 'math' and trace letters and numbers. Holly does get in on the alphabet song and saying the sounds the letters make. And Claire is very cooperative. She loves to sit there and look at everything.

Then we read books out loud until the baby gets fussy. Then we have lunch and naptime. It's a nice routine.

I'm ready for this hot weather to be over, though. I feel like such a pansy, because this time last year it was 110, and this week it's just barely breaking 100. But heat is heat and I'm tired of it. Unfortunately, it'll be hot until mid-September.


Farm Girl said...

It sounds like a very nice routine. I always think kids do better with a routine like that. I think there is security in the routine.
I am so tired of the heat too. It is only going to be 102 today and I am wiped out.
I did just clean my chicken coop and the flowerbeds but still the heat seems hotter this time of year.

Will and Tracy said...

I'm tired of the heat too Kim and Kess. Plum smooth worn out. Tomatoes won't keep fruit because it's too hot even and tomatoes love hot weather. I love your insights on what Holly can do as my largest class of children is 2 and 3 year olds and I might have to modify a little. I think too that it's good that you are starting them early. I remember thirsting to learn from 2 on.


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