Thursday, August 4

Munchkin antics

Three munchkins, posing for the camera.

The baby, happily munching a string that I then confiscated.

One of the local stray cats had kittens a month or so ago. Her kitties are now semi-teenager kittens, and she has two left. Anyway, this afternoon, Holly appeared at the front door, holding one of those kittens firmly by the head and front legs. She was determined that we were going to keep this kitten. I took it from her and took it back to its mother, and both Holly and Alex were very sad.

I would have taken a picture, but I was so worried that she was strangling the kitten that I didn't think of it until the kitty was freed.

Oh well. Someday, munchkins. Someday we'll be able to have a kitty.


Rachel Blackmon said...

I swear Alex gets cuter and cuter every time you post a new picture. XD He's totally got your smile. XD

Farm Girl said...

I have 3 kitties that need a home. :) They are so pudgy and sweet.
I love the pictures. They look like they are having such fun.


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