Saturday, August 20

Munchkins at work

I walked into the bedroom the other day, and found this:

My industrious munchkins had cleared off the bookcase shelves where I store their toys, and had put their sleeping bags on the shelves to make bunk beds. They were extremely proud of themselves, so I had to get a picture.

And here is their little sister, playing with her feet.

She can now roll over as quick as you please, and she's working on scootching across the floor to target toys. Crawling is not far away.


Farm Girl said...

They look so cute. I can't believe how much the baby has grown.

Meg said...

Holy cow she's a chunk!

Very industrious bunk bed!

Will and Tracy said...

That's genius and adorable. I'm wondering where all the toys went :)

Sue said...

Adorable children they seem to play so well together, this picture reminds me of ours when they were young. Claire is really growing and she is beautiful too.


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