Tuesday, August 16


We house-sat for my parents over the weekend. I only managed to get a few pictures when everyone was down for naps.

Here's Alex in his sleeping bag.

The dollhouse where the munchkins spent half their time. (It has an awesome amount of accessories. Even I played with it a little.)

The kitties, where they spent the other half of their time.

Also, this was my observation last year about August:

August is the cruelest month.

As my mom mentioned in her blog, February is supposedly the cruelest month. But February has holidays to break it up, and there's nothing in August.

Also, we woke up this morning to find that it was cool and breezy, about 70 degrees. My husband went for a walk and said that it was almost chilly.

August always does this. It cools off and gives one hope for fall, and a glimpse of the gloriousness of cooler weather. And then it slams you with 110 degrees and humidity and thunderstorms until mid-September.

February's got nothing on August.


Farm Girl said...

I am glad you had a nice time and hopefully you have recovered from all of the walking.
I remember house sitting for my Mom and I was always glad to get home to rest.
It is cooler this morning and yes, it will be 101 tomorrow.
I am so ready for fall.

Rachel Blackmon said...

I hate the heat of August too. It has been chilly here when Mom and I are going for walks in the morning, but then by 2PM it's already boiling hot and we don't have good air conditioning.

I am so ready for fall. XD

My wedding is going to be fall themed though, so I'm kind of stuck in a permanent mindset of fall at least until we get married next year. XD


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