Monday, August 2

The cruelest month

August is the cruelest month.

As my mom mentioned in her blog, February is supposedly the cruelest month. But February has holidays to break it up, and there's nothing in August.

Also, we woke up this morning to find that it was cool and breezy, about 70 degrees. My husband went for a walk and said that it was almost chilly.

August always does this. It cools off and gives one hope for fall, and a glimpse of the gloriousness of cooler weather. And then it slams you with 110 degrees and humidity and thunderstorms until mid-September.

February's got nothing on August.

Also, Alex isn't actually spraying Holly with the hose. It just looks that way because of the perspective. :-)


Farm Girl said...

Ems came down stairs and said, " would you look at that, a storm just as you get the windows washed!" How can that be? I guess washing windows is like a Indian rain dance. It does look like he is spraying her. She looks so cute just watching.

Kelty said...

March is the worst here...31 days, no holiday unless Good Friday happens to land in the month (which honestly, is more a fasting day than a holiday for Christians)...and to top it all off, we frequently get either large snowstorms, -30C coldspells, or both. -_-


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