Friday, August 6

Piles of peaches - and fried rice

See this cookie sheet of chopped peaches? It's about to go into the freezer.

Now, picture 10 more of those.

And that's not even counting the piles of peaches I made into peach leather, peach butter, and peach jam. I've been processing peaches for two whole days.

All this off one dinky little peach tree at Mom's! I'm sick of peaches right now, but they'll be very tasty come mid-winter.

Last night I made stir-fry, and decided that I wanted to try making fried rice. I had all this leftover white rice, after all. I had only ever made it from a mix before, so I consulted a bunch of recipes and decided to improv.

Ryan pronounced it excellent, and we devoured every bit. (And even ate the leftovers off the kids' plates. It was that good.)

I need to put this recipe down so I can find it again later!

Fried rice ingredients:

2 Tbsp oil
1 clove garlic, chopped fine
1 tsp chicken bouillon
2-3 cups cooked white rice
2 Tbsp soy sauce
1 egg
Various vegetables (I only had some small chili peppers)

Heat the oil, garlic, and chicken bouillon over medium heat. Once the garlic is starting to brown, add rice and soy sauce. Break up clumps of rice and mix it all together.

Push rice to the side and break egg into hot pan. Stir egg rapidly to scramble, and gradually stir it into the rice as it cooks.

Sprinkle in handful or two of chopped peppers. If you have peas, carrots, cabbage, bean sprouts, or anything else, you can add that now, too.

Cook until rice starts to stick a little, about 5 minutes.

It was all gone before I could take a picture. Imagine the fried rice you get from Panda Express, but without the aftertaste of cigarettes.


Farm Girl said...

It sounds wonderful, I have never been able to make good fried rice. I might have to make you show me one day.
You poor thing, I laughed about the peaches. I didn't know you had that many. You will enjoy them in the winter though.

William said...

Alternate blog title: Death by Peaches!
Also, has anyone in our family ever made canned "spiced" peaches, like in Holes? I've always wanted to have a can of Sploosh.

NetRaptor said...

Will: Spiced peaches have, like, cloves and cinnamon sticks and all kinds of stuff in them. I've been nervous of trying them, but I've found a great way to sample fruit with new spices: small cobblers! Put the spices in the crust and see how they work together. :-)

Anonymous said...
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