Monday, August 9

Remote control car

I let the munchkins out early, while it was cool, so Alex could drive his remote controlled car.

Evil grin.

Powered reverse.

Alex: *bemused*

Holly: *spectating*

Holly: WOO YEAH!

With a leaf stuck to one arm, too.


Farm Girl said...

Very Cute!!! They look like they are having a blast.
Check out that lady on my site that does the canning stuff, look at her pie filling stuff.
I don't know why I never thought about making pie filling.
Oh and I keep forgetting, I found 2-3 size underwear this weekend of Alex, Jack and Tyler.
I had to look and look.

Jennifer said...

Kessie, how do you make peach leather? I am going to try your slow cooker peach butter. I was going to do regular jam, but this looks like more fun. The kids can help more. I have so many peaches from my mom's one tree, too. You can email me your peach leather recipe if you want. Thanks!

William said...

Where did Alex get an RC car?

NetRaptor said...

His last birthday, I think. It only has forward and reverse, so it's kind of a dud.

Joe said...

I'd rather know how to make peach pleather.

Oh ho ho ho, I'll be here all week! Remember to tip your waitress.


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