Monday, August 30

Bag lady

This morning I got down the box of Legos for the kids. They played with them nicely and quietly, particularly Holly, whom I suspected of making a dirty diaper.

Then she got up and walked across the room, jingling with Legos. I lifted the front of her little fake dress on her onesie, and Ryan and I both collapsed into hysterical laughter.

All those legos, jammed into her onesie.

I unsnapped it and ...

All of that inside her clothes! That was our big laugh for the day. :-)


Meg said...

Hahahahahaha. Oh my goodness. THAT is hilarious.

Farm Girl said...

That is so funny, she is her own little bag lady. Oh my gosh, what a kick.

myletterstoemily said...

what a little leg darlin'! are you kim's
daughter? this is soooo much fun.

Women of Sovereign Grace said...

that is hilarious! I love baby humor.


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