Saturday, August 21

I hate wasps

I let the kids outside for five minutes the other day, and here came this big stray pit bull. They got ushered inside post haste.

Then I let the kids outside for five minutes today, and Holly picked up a wasp.

Five minutes! I turned my back for five minutes!

The wasp was floundering around on the sidewalk, so either it was injured or it was poisoned. With the amount of pesticides on the grass, bushes and walls around here, probably the latter. Holly, knowing no fear of large insects, just reached down and picked him up. And got royally stung in the thumb.

I did what any loving mother would do. I picked her up, summoned Daddy to beat the wasp to death, and slathered her hand in aloe vera.

My sister in law had given us this little aloe vera plant, and so far all of its leaves have big chunks broken off of them. I use them to treat burns mostly, but I wanted to see what it would do for a wasp sting.

I didn't have anything else to put on it and no meds to give her. I was worried that she might run a fever and everything, because I was deathly allergic to insect stings when I was little.

So eventually she went to sleep. I put her down and watched her closely. She slept about half an hour then woke up, unaware that anything was wrong. The swelling from the sting had completely vanished. She has a red spot on her thumb and that's all.

God's remedies are so amazing.


Meg said...

That is so cool! I never new aloe vera would work for stings. I'm glad she's doing better. And I'm really glad you have that plant now.

Is the stinger still in her finger? Might want to make sure it's out so it doesn't get infected.

Farm Girl said...

Poor baby!I do hate wasps. I am so glad that the aloe vera worked.

NetRaptor said...

Meg: I looked it up, and wasp stingers don't remain in the wound like bee stingers do. Much finer barbs on a wasp stinger.


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