Thursday, August 5

Thursday cricket

The past couple of nights, we have had a cricket that came to sing under our bedroom window. It was a nice, summer sound, and I enjoyed getting to hear it. (And it must be really pesticide-resistant, because there's like five types of poison on the shrubs and ground around here.)

Anyway, last night I got up to use the restroom, and noticed that the cricket was awfully loud. I walked into the living room and discovered that the cricket was behind the armchair. He didn't even shut up until I leaned right over him.

So we waited until morning, pulled out the chair, and caught him in a jar.

Tough little guy.

The munchkins don't like bugs much. They kind of oogled the cricket and wandered off.

I released him later into a bunch of ivy an apartment block down.


Farm Girl said...

I am glad they at least got to see it close up, I love the picture of Alex looking at it in the jar.
Your peach butter is wonderful, but I think I would try a batch without cinnamon. It is still good like a peach cobbler.
I hope you bounce back today. I know you are tired from being here all day on Wednesdays. It will be cooler soon.
I love you,
oops, maybe shouldn't
say that in your comments.

Jennifer said...

Nice picture. I went about "Shining" crazy last summer whilst still pregnant, on the rampage after a cricket that must have been in my wall. It must have finally died. Mwhoo ha ha ha.


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